Our Work

Reunite Cultures Fund, formerly known as Rotary Children’s Fund, doing business as RCF. RCF is a standalone 501(c)3 Nonprofit and is not affiliated with Rotary International. Funded by Lakewood/Rocky River Rotary Club in 2003, managed by Rotarians and follows Rotary principals.

Our main program is the Cultural Youth Exchange Program “GOLDEN GATES”, which gives the opportunity to children, youth and young adults internationally to share their talents through the Cultural Exchange Tours.

We would love to consider talented groups and individuals from all countries to participate in the program.

Each tour includes educational, entertaining and performing aspects.

It’s a great way to promote image of your organization, gives opportunity to young performers experience to tour as true artists, learn and travel through USA by visiting museums, national monuments and local attractions. There will be plenty publicity around each tour, website, Facebook posting and other media coverage. After each tour, there will be documentary movie available about each group.

We also fund programs that let young artists & musicians worldwide to share their gifts and talents. Programs that introduce the culture of other countries to the American people and let participants to learn about the United States of America.

Besides, we support programs that improve good will between the people of America and other countries. Developing a better understanding of cultures, music and traditions. Building Cultural Bridges.


Finished projects

We have worked in more than 900 projects helping children all over the world.




Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia


International Music Competitions

Kargel and Baedeker School for Homeless